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Yes, a rating community. There is a contest going on right now. Read the rules, fill out the application, etc. If you want to be sister\affiliate communities, either email me or comment on one of my posts. - Sica.

[,/ _prettygems & _lovelymods ♥♥ |||


In no particular order;
xx. Do not post if you are not stamped besides your application. You can reply to comments on your post, of course.
xx. 15+ preferred.
xx. We are not all unique snowflakes. HOWEVER - having 'your own style' (as much as possible) is a grand idea.
xx. Looks and application weighed fairly equally.
xx. Do not fuck with the accepted, ESPECIALLY the maintainer\mod(s).
xx. Don't tell me rating communities are lame. It's even MORE lame that you're AT a rating community TELLING us it's lame. k?
xx. Don't take things too seriously.
xx. I can auto-accept and auto-reject whoever I want. But I'm not a power-hungry bitch (as of now) so I'll probably rarely do it.
xx. Put "QUEEN OF PAIN" in the subject line if you're a chick, or "KING OF RAIN" if you're a dude.
xx. The only thing you may edit on your app are grammatical errors. Please do not change your answers\etc after you post them.
xx. Feel free to respond to votes. "Thank you" for every vote is annoying though. Especially if the responses are whiney, bitchy, and\or melodramatic. I like to watch people get their panties in a twist. eek.
xx. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in permanent ban.

xx. BE ACTIVE! I've seen so many communities that COULD be worthwhile but the members don't watch the community.
xx. You don't have to elaborate on why you said yes\no, although it is appreciated.
xx. You MUST put yes or no in the subject line. NO "UNDECIDED" BATSHIT!@
xx. If new people fuck with you, go ahead &rip them a new one.
xx. Don't sugarcoat. If you think they look like Michael Jackson's aborted fetus and appear to be a mentally retarded fruitcup, say so. If you want to jump their thighs, let 'em know. ..Er, but I'm not taking blame for harassment. So maybe scratch that. But you can tell them their hot\whatever.
xx. If you're a mod you get one auto-accept and one auto-reject a week.
xx. Post whatever you want - behind an lj cut. Pictures are most adored. Make sure the subject line says "stamped" somewhere in it.
xx. You can promote your community. BUT you MUST promote THIS community in the community you are promoting. And it must be behind an lj cut.
xx. Give a no or yes for any assinine reason (ie: nice ass, your mom is bad in bed, my hamster hates you, your face is not symmetrical, etc)
xx. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in permanent ban.



What would you/did you name your children?

Top FIVE favourite bands and why you like them:

What are your greatest fears?

Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?

3+ books and\or authors:

Turn ons:

This question got kidnapped! Make up one &answer it. (Be creative.)

Promote this community in your info of your lj or in your journal, and two communities. SHOW PROOF:

How did you find this community?:

Say something random or the like:

3+ CLEAR photos of you:


(If you want to be affiliate communities, email me.) AIM : angrylikejesus, jumpmythighs, &aspiringskank (always on aimphone..)