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Name: Taylor
Age: 18
Location: Hudson, Fl
Sex: FTM

What would you/did you name your children?
Boy: Dante Giovanni
Girl: Madison Tyler

Top FIVE favourite bands and why you like them:
- Silver Chair- Because they write lyrics about political stand offs and beliefs that are very similar to my own. I also like the lead's voice.
- Bush- I've been a fan of them since "Glycerine" to "Mouth" or "Letting the Cable's Sleep."
- Hilary Duff- I'm known for being a little rocker but I adore her voice and some of her songs are so beautiful. Such as, "Someone's Watching Over Me" from "Raise Your Voice."
- INOJ- I like them for their remakes like "Time After Time" and techno beats. I've spent many nights at Masquerades dancing to their beats.
- Simple Plan- I just really love their new song "Welcome to my Life" because it reminds me so much of how I feel a lot of the time.

What are your greatest fears? Of being like my family and not accomplishing anything in my life.

Do you believe in fate? Why or why not? I believe in fate but with the ability of also choosing your own path that it isn't written in stone. I believe in fate because it's in my religious beliefs of Taoism and signs are everywhere if you look for them.

Sadistic? "SKIBA"

3+ books and\or authors:

-Christopher Rice- A Density of Souls
-Nancy Garden- Annie on my Mind
-Flowers for Algernon

Turn ons: I like a conservative girl, by conservative I mean lacking the slut look. Good hygene is a must. Also I like a girl who keeps in shape physically as well as mentally, by mentally I mean not being an airhead. Its not all about looks though, the cute things turn me on too. Like snuggling to watch a movie, or watching the sunset.
Offs: Well....where do we start. First...The biggest turn off- SMOKING! Smoking can make even the most beautiful girl loose her appeal. Too much make-up is also a turnoff. Most girls are naturally attractive...they just dont know it! Too much skin can be a bad thing. When you know what you are gonna get before you get it, then what is the point? Another thing that turns me off is when someone thinks there shit dont stink. Because if you havent overcome some real life obstical, then you are no better. Also some qualities I dislike are: Bad hygene, ignorance, liars, cheaters, thieves, and fake people.

Are you with someone romantically who you think you will end of being with for a long time if not forever? Yes, I think I'll be with my current girlfriend for quite some time if not perminately. On January 25 it'll mark our one year.

Promote this community in your info of your lj or in your journal, and two communities. SHOW PROOF:


How did you find this community?: Open minded dorks

Say something random or the like: Right now I'm so cold that I'm turning into a blue taylor popsicle.

3+ CLEAR photos of you:

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