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Name: Heatherr
Age: 18
Location: Lake County IL
Sex: Female

What would you/did you name your children?
Boy: Landon Judas and Cameron Vincent
Girl: Jaycee Lynn and Alyssen Michaela

Top FIVE favourite bands and why you like them:
- Matchbook Romance -i like they're music and they're my fave band. + they put on an amazing show.
- Straylight Run -i love John Nolan's voice
- Thursday -they are just amazing.
- Number One Fan -i saw them at a show once and just fell in love.
- The Killers -Brandon Flowers will be my husband. i'm determined.

What are your greatest fears? being alone. i just couldn't make it w/o someone by my side.

Do you believe in fate? Why or why not? at times. i think that there is a reason people meet and people don't.

Sadistic? skiba

3+ books and\or authors: Echo, This Lullaby, That Summer

Turn ons: kisses on the neck and forehead, upper back muscles, long hair.
Offs: guy who wear weird shoes, guys who are self centered, ego maniacs

This question got kidnapped! Make up one &answer it. (Be creative.) What is your fave Alk3 song? All On Black.

Promote this community in your info of your lj or in your journal, and two communities. SHOW PROOF:

How did you find this community?: in a promo community

Say something random or the like: belly buttons are weird.

3+ CLEAR photos of you:

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